Property Hunting in Spain


If you have finally made that decision to up sticks and move your entire life to sunny Spain, you may well feel a little anxious as to the best ways of going about this difficult process. Do you sell your house in the UK and buy a property in Spain, or do you take the less risky option of renting in both countries?

Either way, you need to approach this life changing process sensibly and acquire as much knowledge as you can possibly gather along the way. Never be arrogant here and think you might already know it all.

Start by taking a few trips to Spain – it is not a good idea to think about purchasing a property in an area, or even renting for that matter, unless you are completely familiar with the district. This involves extensive research of the neighbourhood and this cannot be done on one trip alone. You might also think about car hire Malaga or whatever part of Spain you arrive at, in order to be able to get out and explore thoroughly.

It is always a good idea to instruct a true professional in the Spanish housing market to assist you with your search. If there is a property that you have your heart set on, they can run through any worse case scenarios (e.g. land grab) that may potentially rear its ugly head in the future.

It is also a good idea to check out the local services near your potential new property: meet some of the locals and actively engage in conversation with them to find out more about the area.