What is Security of Tenure?


Security of tenure is an issue that will be relevant to people who rent their property. Depending on your landlord and the type of tenancy agreement that you have will have the ultimate bearing on the level of security of tenure you enjoy.

Most private tenants nowadays have a security of tenure that is known as a shorthold tenancy agreement. Ever since the law changed regarding tenants rights, these tenancies are nothing like as secure as they used to be. Housing law is very much moving in the direction of the landlord here, and if the tenant does anything wrong, it is much easier for that landlord to eventually evict them.

If a tenant lives in a property that is part of a housing association – or better still a local authority, invariably, these people will tend to enjoy a security of tenure that is at the highest level. These are known as Secure tenancies and it is always far harder for a landlord to evict this type of tenant.

In fact, when we talk about security of tenure, this is exactly what we mean: how much security does a specific tenant enjoy in their property and how difficult are the procedures involved to legally evict them.

Any type of tenancy can be legally terminated if the tenant continues to misbehave in a property or fails to pay their rent. There is no specific type of tenancy that would allow a person who is renting a property to be completely unmovable.